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Our premium roller bag makes it easy to transport your tent or canopy to any place without effort. And, once you're done using your tent, keep it protected from any dust.
$66.00 and up
Is your teen ready to get behind the wheel? Educate your recipients with this handy Safe Driving for Teens Pocket Slider. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for US teens. The guide includes tips on driver's education, permits and unsafe driving behaviors. It's a perfect fit for DMVs and driving schools. This chart operates like a slide rule! Just match up the bullet points and view the information in the cutout window.
$0.56 and up
Depression is a serious illness that can affect almost ten percent of the population every year. Our depression Pocket Slider (TM) gives you the facts that you need to recognize the warning signs in yourself and others. We cover the different types of depression and the symptoms and causes of both major depression and manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder. This marketing tool operates like a slide rule.
$0.55 and up
Let your marketing campaign "race for the cure" with this Colon Cancer Pocket Slider! This handy guide discusses the signs and symptoms of colon cancer along with risk factors, possible causes, prevention tips, diet, exercise and different treatments used to cure this disease. This interactive chart operates like a slide rule! Just match up the bullet points and view the information in the cutout window. Ideal for doctor's offices and hospitals.
$0.56 and up
Make a lasting impression at your next school seminar on the importance of safe driving practices by passing out this Pocket Slider - Texting & Distracted Drivers to all attendees. This colorful Pocket Slider(TM) provides the message that texting and other distractions vie for a driver's attention, resulting in thousands of accidents annually. The information in this slider studies the reality of these dangerous distractions and offers solutions.
$0.55 and up
Body mass index guide wheel calculates adult BMI using height and weight.
$0.60 and up
Enhance patients' lives with our Women's Health Pocket Slider! This product gives women important tips needed to live a healthier life. This interactive guide includes tips on nutrition, exercise and weight management plus information on menstruation, menopause, aging gracefully and a number of different diseases affecting women's lives. This product is also available in Spanish. Order yours today!
$0.55 and up
Determine the current, future or past date quickly and easily with the date finder wheel. Advertise your business while providing an incredibly helpful date finding tool to your agents or partners. With this pivoting circular wheel you line up any given starting date and turn the dial to determine the ending date in a timed event. You can also work backwards with the ending date to determine the beginning of the cycle.
You can "relax" knowing the giveaway for your company's upcoming campaign is covered with this great marketing tool! Our Pocket Slider - Stress Management makes an excellent addition to seminars and conferences. Do you know about "good stress" and "bad stress?" Learn the difference in addition to discovering how sleep, exercise, good nutrition and laughter can help you cope. Make sure to order yours today!
$0.55 and up
Give the gift of a clean future with the eco-friendly Living Green Pocket Slider! Included are tips on how to go paperless, shop for "green" groceries, use natural cleaning solutions, reuse, recycle, develop energy-smart habits, utilize transportation alternatives, make your workplace green, and how to raise environmentally responsible kids. It's an ideal fit for homes, community centers and schools. When it comes to the earth, the future is now!
$0.56 and up
Water wheel, contains valuable every day water conservation procedures that can be practiced at home. Height varies per design.
$0.60 and up
Your business won't miss a "beat" when you promote the Pocket Slider: Healthy Heart! Learn the warning signs for a heart attack, how to avoid heart problems and ways to prevent heart disease with exercise and diet. This interactive slide chart is great for mailings, trade shows and take-along's. The front of the product leaves room for you to imprint a personal message or your company name or logo.
$0.84 and up
Stock the front of your nutrition supplement shop with this Pocket Slider - Managing Your Weight and clients are sure to return. Available in Spanish, this brochure teaches how to live a healthier life by providing information on dieting, eating smart and exercise. It shows how to shop healthier and read nutrition labels. It also talks about what foods to avoid and what to fill up on. Also, it gives tips on how to practice proper portion control!
$0.55 and up
Health guide wheel with emergency first offers vital information prepared with cooperation of the American Red Cross. Height varies per design.
$0.60 and up
Address an issue with this Pocket Slider (TM) on bullying, a major problem in US schools, affecting over three quarters of students. This informative guide gives parents a wealth of useful knowledge about how to identify and address bullying. No child should have to go to school afraid. This Pocket Slider is a perfect choice for any school, PTA, police force or end-user that wants to promote child wellness. Educate your campaign today!
$0.55 and up
It has never been more important to teach your children how to be safe. Do so with a Pocket Slider(TM) - Your Child's Safety at School. This slider gives tips for parents and children in dealing with strangers, traveling to and from school, riding the bus and working with the internet. This interactive slide chart is printed in full color and operates like a slide rule. Just match up the bullet point and view information and tips in a cutout window!
$0.55 and up
Give your clients the warning signs of mental illness in this Mental Wellness Pocket Slider. Topics include recognizing the problem and symptoms in adults, teenagers and children. Learn how depression affects each gender, information on medications and more. The interactive slide chart operates like a slide rule. Match up the bullet points and view the information in the cutout window. An ideal giveaway for clinics and mental health associations.
$0.56 and up
Run a "hands-on" marketing campaign by keeping everyone's hands in tip-top shape! Avoid carpal tunnel by understanding the causes, risk factors, and warning signs with this Carpal Tunnel Pocket Slider! This informative guide includes tips for the home or office and great exercises that can help prevent carpal tunnel. Almost anyone who works in an office will appreciate this handy giveaway! It's perfect for doctor's offices and clinics.
$0.56 and up
The our world enviro-guide stock guide wheel, contains overview information on recycling, composting, pollution, conservation and more. A great educational tool just for kids. Height varies per design.
$0.60 and up
Getting kids to eat enough fruits and veggies can be a challenge, so nourish their minds and your brand with this informative Pocket Slider (TM)! The colorful main slider with entice readers with fun facts about fruits and veggies like how they grow, why you need them, how they get from ground to table and how to prepare healthy snacks. The back panel will introduce kids to strange and exotic fruits from around the world. It's a great tool to giveaway at doctor's offices, supermarkets, farm stands and more! With an imprint of your logo or company name on the front, this slider is sure to make a lasting impression!
$0.55 and up
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